About Dr. Karen Wolfe

Dr. Karen Wolfe has extensive experience as a physician, speaker, consultant and author. She is a national and international speaker on a variety of health topics including "The Mind-Body Connection for Health & Wellness," and " Integrating Complementary Medicine into Managed Care."

Dr. Wolfe graduated from Sydney University Medical School and worked as a family practitioner for 4 years prior to becoming the Medical Director of the Australian Government Health Service. She completed her Masters Degree in Psychology at National University, CA in 1993. She has been working in the United States for the last seven years as a consultant to organizations focusing on how they can integrate change strategies to improve productivity, health and morale of the employees. She has a special interest in Mind-Body medicine, disease state management and health care reform.

A frequent speaker at conferences and conventions, Karen is known for her clear, practical and inspirational solutions. Her activities include: in-house consulting and training, public seminars and coaching.

She resides with her family in Mission Viejo, California.