10 Reasons You Need To Balance Your Mind & Body….

1. Eliciting the relaxation response to reduce your blood pressure and heart rate.

2. Preventing certain stress-induced diseases from developing.

3. Working alongside conventional medicine as "complementary" to traditional treatments.

4. Reducing pain from chronic disease.

5. Improving the quality of life for people with diseases e.g. cancer.

6. Improving your relationships with friends and family.

7. Helping to reverse an underlying disease process.

8. High cost/benefit since the cost is minimal and the potential benefit is very high.

9. Helping you ride the inevitable waves of change with greater ease and better health.

10. Showing you how to become an active partner in your own medical care.

Mind-Body research is changing the way we view the role of the mind in health and illness. But this is not new! Western medicine has used relaxation techniques, hypnosis and other Mind-Body techniques for decades, and of course, holistic, alternative, and traditional healers have used them for thousands of years! What is different today is that the approach is gaining credibility through scientific studies from major medical institutions. The evidence is mounting that Mind-Body techniques can improve your quality of life as well as have a positive effect on the course of disease.

Mind-Body medicine is any method in which we use our mind to promote health and recover from illness. That means all of your THOUGHTS (of which we are reported to have 60,000 a day!) and all your EMOTIONS (hostility, anger, resentment, love, fear, and hate) significantly affect your physical health. Therefore, healing your mind will have a positive effect on your body.

Many scientific efforts are now revealing the physiological mechanisms that connect the brain and nervous system with the hormonal and immune systems. I believe the daily practices of Mind-Body lessons outlined in this module - ranging from relaxation to emotional expression to self-nurturance - are no different than sound nutrition and regular exercise. They are genuine forms of health maintenance, with the potential to treat illnesses as well as to prevent them from developing in the first place.

Balance Mind & Body gives you the opportunity to take control of your health and your life! Everything you do to become a more active participant in your own health care adds up to a stronger sense of control over your medical destiny. This control and confidence can be key to real changes in your physical health. The skills you learn should be used alongside conventional medicine, rather than be seen as an "alternative" to conventional medicine. The Mind-Body principles are designed to move you toward a new wholeness and harmony through a practical focus on a broader view of health and healing.

As our society becomes more complex and places more demands on us, we search to create a balance and simplify our lives.