100 Ways To Mind Your Body

Lesson 1 - Centering and Meditation

Lesson 2 - Breath Focus

Lesson 3 - Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Lesson 4 - Mindfulness

Lesson 5 - Imagery and Visualization

Lesson 6 - Biofeedback

Lesson 7 - Wholeness

Lesson 8 - Spirituality

Lesson 9 - Social Connections

Lesson 10 - Attitude

Lesson 11 - Mind Matters and Automatic Thinking

Lesson 12 - Self Esteem

Lesson 13 - Expression of Feelings

Lesson 14 - The Healing Power of Touch

Lesson 15 - Love

Lesson 16 - Gratitude

A Final Word: Health Empowerment

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The ideal way is to work with The Lessons from beginning to end. Each lesson builds on the one before. However, each lesson can also stand-alone and you may select the lesson you want to focus on.

Each Lesson is divided into sections:

* Affirmation - to help you focus your energy and change any negative beliefs you may have.

* Lesson
- an explanation of the principle

* Practice exercise.


(dating your journal entries is recommended)

The journal writing is a very important part of the process of change. It will allow you to get in touch with your deepest thoughts and feelings.

The focus here is on practical application and skill building so you can apply the lessons of Mind/Body medicine in your life.


"Awaken Your Healer within to return to your wholeness, power and balance in your mind, body and spirit".

Karen Wolfe