The Step Fit Test® is a 3-minute test involving stepping up and down on an 8-inch platform. It will help you identify your present level of fitness. Before you take the test, you must know how to take your pulse (how to calculate your heart rate). If you don't know how, learn to take your pulse.

Dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and athletic shoes.

You'll need an 8-inch step. If you don't have a commercial step, consider the stairs in your home. If you decide to go with this option, measure your stairs to make sure that they're approximately 8 inches in height. If your stairs don't measure 8 inches, you may put together some sturdy boards and measure them to the approximate height.

Always do warm-up and stretching exercises before any exercise, including before taking the 3-Minute Step Fit Test®.



1. Step up and down on an 8-inch platform with a 4-count sequence:
(1) right foot up on platform,
(2) left foot up on platform,
(3) right foot down on floor,
(4) left foot down on floor, or start with the left foot.
For a 76-counts per minute cadence: Use the second hand of your watch to ensure that you complete approximately 5 of the 4-count sequences in 15 seconds. (You may want to practice before taking the actual test.)

This pattern of up-up-down-down, is considered a 4-count sequence. Keep a steady, comfortable pace. Maintain a cadence of 76 counts per minute for 3 minutes.

2. At the end of 3 minutes, stop stepping and immediately take your heart rate (pulse), and keep a record of the number of beats per minute. You will need this number to get your Fitness Stepping Prescription, as well as if you wish to send an e-mail question to our Fitness Expert.

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