LIFELINE is very pleased to offer - Best of Health Online® - its award winning subscription-based service for improvement of health, productivity & effectiveness in collaboration with world-renowned professionals and leading edge companies.
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Mission - Best of Health Online is designed to get you excited about making positive changes toward better health, productivity and effectiveness.  It helps you prepare for the future that will require an unprecedented level of self-understanding, flexibility and the ability to thrive in the midst of mind-numbing change.











Service - Best of Health Online includes interactive self-assessments with immediate online results, and quality health education and behavior change modules.  Our service provides user-friendly information that you can act on right away to reenergize yourself in preparation for the real challenges ahead.  Experts are just a mouse click away to answer questions via e-mail. Current Modules:











Background - Best of Health Online our comprehensive service that helps people make positive changes toward better health, productivity, and effectiveness, has been created under the overall guidance of Mr. Kailash Narayan, Founder/President, LIFELINE International.

Best of Health Online has received numerous awards including the  Outstanding Interface to the Web Award at the Healthy People 2010 Conference and Technology Games in January, 2000, hosted by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Best of Health Online was also selected as a winner in the fall 1999 World Wide Web Health Award.  It received a Gold Award for Health Promotion/Disease & Injury Prevention Information.  It was also judged to be Most Innovative Site and Best Interactive Site.

Best of Health Online incorporate the best components from a decade long traditional wellness program at ARCO for over 12,000 employees and 28,000 retirees. The ARCO wellness program, under Mr. Narayan's direction, received HealthNet's Worksite Wellness Excellence Award and the C. Everett Koop National Health Award Honorable Mention.














kailash1.jpg (5955 bytes)Kailash Narayan, MS, Founder/President,
LIFELINE International
with extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative programs, is the creator and integrator of the award-winning service -- Best of Health Online -- for improvement of your health, productivity and effectiveness!

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Gale McKie, RN, Partner, Body Logic Health Management, a graduate of George Brown College, Toronto, Canada, with a degree in nursing, is one of the real voices behind BackMan, your personal guide on the Interactive Back Care Module.

esther1.jpg (5686 bytes)
Esther Orioli, MS, President, Essi Systems Inc., the developer of the award-winning StressMap®, is your personal guide on the Move to Reduce Stress Module.

wyman1.jpg (6461 bytes)
Wyman Sanders, MD, a faculty member of the UCLA School of Medicine since 1970 and currently an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and an Associate of the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, is your personal guide on the Check for Depression Module.

chad1.jpg (5445 bytes)
Chad Tackett, President, Global Health & Fitness, a Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist
with degrees in Exercise & Health Science and Nutrition is your personal guide on the Move to Get Fit Module.

sheela1.jpg (8044 bytes)
Sheila Flynn Esquivel, MS, a Registered Dietitian, author of the LIFELINE Healthy Eating Cookbook, nutritional lecturer, and a consulting nutritionist for several leading corporations in Southern California, is your personal guide on the Move to Eat Healthy Module.

robert1.jpg (4922 bytes)Robert Selzer, President of Nutrition Scientific, is the developer of the Quick Check for Diet Progress, used extensively at the University of Southern California School of Medicine for diet analysis in clinical trials in ischemic heart disease. An interactive version of the Quick Check for Diet Progress is a key online resource in our Move to Eat Healthy Module.

tom1.jpg (5057 bytes)Tom Ferguson, M.D., is editor and publisher of the Ferguson Report: The Newsletter of Consumer Health Informatics and Online Health. Through research and over 200 interviews with health concerned smokers, Dr. Ferguson developed The No Nag-No-Guilt-Do -it-Your-Own-Way Guide to Quitting Smoking. He is your guide on the Move to Stop Smoking Module.

Dr. Edward Framer, Director of Institute for Corporate Health is a co-developer of the ASAP! Health Survey. With his background in Clinical Psychology and over 20 years experience in behavioral medicine, health promotion and disease prevention, Ed is eminently qualified to encourage you to Assess Your Health ASAP! and to help you in making and maintaining healthy changes.

Gordon Kaplan, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, is  a co-developer of the ASAP! Health Survey. He has more than 20 years of experience in weight management, smoking cessation, and risk factor assessment, and health risk factor reduction. He focuses on your readiness to change to guide you to better health and productivity.

Dr. J. David Clyde, your personal guide for International Travel Information, has over 12 years experience as regional and international medical director for two major petroleum companies. Dr. Clyde has provided support to expatriate workers and families, and advised corporate management on occupational health and international health issues. Dr. Clyde is currently CEO of Spinnaker Medical Consultants International, LLC.

Karen Wolfe, M.D., with extensive experience as a physician, speaker, consultant and author, is your personal guide on the Balance Mind and Body Module. She will help you become more aware of how the mind affects the body and how to use this awareness to improve your health and performance.