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Hello! I am Dr. J. David Clyde and I am here to help you meet the challenges of business or personal travel around the world. The keys to successful travel are careful preparation and understanding of current health risks and security situations for the area of your travels. The medical information presented here is of a general nature and should be individualized for you with the advice and counsel of your personal physician.

When you think of international travel, you should always think of Travel Immunizations! There are very few "required immunizations"; however, immunizations are usually individualized and recommended based upon the exposure risks of location and activities during your travel. Opinions about "appropriate immunizations" for a given region vary widely among the experts and may change as additional information becomes available. Your individual medical history, present medical condition, and the activities during your travel should be considered before administering any immunization. This "individual' situation underscores the importance of advice from your personal physician.

Medical Bulletins provide some recent information about specific medical situations occurring within the country. This information is collated from multiple global sources. Since outbreaks of disease occur regularly around the world in developing countries, only those events of greater consequence to business and adventure travelers will be reported here. CDC Travel Health connects the user to the most current US Centers for Diseases Control information on health risk and Department of State political security information for multiple countries. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) provides information about topics that travelers ask most often. This section will expand as our travelers inquires are received.

We welcome your questions, comments and tips on foreign travel. Please feel free to Contact Us and remember to try some of the other Best of Health Online Modules. 

We wish you safe and healthy travel!

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