Hello! I am BackMan, your personal trainer for a healthy back.

As of this minute, how do you know that you have a back problemPAIN! We tend to assume that when the pain goes away, the problem goes away. Not necessarily - you are left with weak muscles, ligaments and joints. This could lead to a vicious cycle of additional pain and further weakness. This cycle of pain begins from the first time you experience any symptoms.

Historically, the heart muscle, weakened by the pain of a heart attack, was treated by rest, medication and activity avoidance. How is a weakened heart muscle treated today?
Simple exercise.

Traditionally, we have treated back pain the same way rest, medication and activity avoidance. If 90% of back pain is from muscle trauma, weakness, inflexibility and imbalance – how should it be treated?
Simple exercise.

I want to help you break the pain cycle by showing you how your back functions, how to help muscle to support your back, and how to find the balance between function and fitness. This will help you to accomplish daily tasks without pain, now and in the future.

For additional exercises that may be beneficial, click on the Exercises from the Little Back Book, and please be sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If that is not enough, remember the real back experts are only an e-mail away!

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