Back Function

Your back is made up of two parts – bone and muscle. Bone problems show up on x-rays…muscles don’t.

The spine has 33 vertebrae, each one cushioned by a disc. You cannot change bony problems, which include disease processes such as arthritis, scoliosis, spondylosis and spondylolisthesis, without professional intervention.

"Bony problems" can also include your discs. Your discs are like plums between every vertebrae. They cushion impact and provide movement of the spine. When we are injured, and as we age, our discs become prune-like, and the vertebrae are forced closer together. As a result, your muscles tighten. Now, even the smallest tasks can cause pain.

Imagine your spine without muscles…you’d be a heap of bones on the floor! Remember, muscles become too tight from injury, cold temperatures, lack of exercise, aging and repetitive movement. Muscles become too loose from lack of exercise, aging, increase/decrease in weight and pregnancy. For power and movement you want your muscles to be in balance.

Fortunately, muscle problems can be changed,
however, only you can change your muscles, through exercise and stretching!

Function Vs Fitness

"Only you can change
your muscle, through
exercise and stretching!"

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