March Article Preview

Keeping Fit
Don't Get Benched Permanently..... Suggestions for safer weightlifting.
It May Be Time to Loosen Up ..... Flexibility is the quality most often overlooked.
Running Can Delay Disability, Death ..... Older people who run regularly live longer and are less likely to suffer from a disability.
Tighten Your Tummy in Time for Summer ..... Try this combination abdomen curl and chest-press exercise to tone your abdomen.
Sore, Aching Knees? Gelatin Can Save the Day ..... A gelatin supplement has been found to improve pain and range of motion in the knees.

Eating Right
Potassium Supplements Carry Possible Side Effects ..... Most of the time extra potassium is unnecessary and can cause side effects.
Use Caution When Eating Iron-Fortified Breakfast Cereals ..... Some people should look for a low-iron cereal or one offering less than the 100 percent daily value of iron and folate.
Love Sweet Snacks? Try These Instead ..... Healthier options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Staying Well
New Tailored Allergy Shots ..... Using immunotherapy to decrease a person's sensitivity to pollen and other allergens.
Why Does Your Doctor Do that? ..... Why your doctor presses and taps on your abdomen during a routine exam.
How Healthy Is the Average American? ..... National Vital Statistics Report.

Fibromy-algia - the 'Invisible' Disease ..... Learn more about fibromyalgia.
Key Facts About LASIK ..... Questions to ask before you trust your eyes to a surgeon's hands.
Don't Be Flaky When Handling Dandruff ..... Get to the root of your danfruff problem.
Prevent Poison Ivy with this Surprisingly Common Chemical ..... Personal care product that helps combat poison ivy.

Calming Down
Parents' Divorce Also Difficult for Adult Children ..... Adult children are profoundly affected when their parents part company.
Can't Get Your Kids to Listen? ..... Steps to enforce your parental authority, while still giving your children a voice.

Performing Better
Your Voice Mail Speaks Volumes ..... Tips for professional voice mail.
5 Tips to Make an Impressive Impression ..... Putting your best foot forward in first-time meetings.
Impairments Affect Millions ..... Physical impairment statistics.
Prepare Properly for Maternity Leave ..... Plan your pre- and post-maternity leave carefully to ensure a smooth transition.

Safety First
When You're First on an Accident Scene ..... Your quick action could help save a life.
Proper Burn Assessment ..... Checklist for when a burn is serious enough to see a doctor.
Number for Car Seat Safety Check ..... A national hotline for the location of the nearest free car seat safety check.

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