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April Article Preview

Staying Well
The New Healthcare Consumer -- Empowered or Misinformed? ..... Consumers should carefully check the source of their information.

Just What Is 'Telemedicine'? ..... Telemedicine's crucial role in medical treatment.
Some Babysitting Tips for Teens ..... Ten common safety tips for babysitters.
Here's How to Avoid Big Surgical Errors ..... Checklist for surgery patients.

Calming Down
Are You Prepared to Be a Caregiver? ..... Ask yourself these questions if you're preparing to become a caregiver for an elderly person.
More & More Grandparents Are Becoming Parents Again ..... Overcoming the challenges of parenting as grandparents.
Eating Right
Fitness Magazines & Eating Disorders ..... Possible connection between the two.
Some Tidbits About Late-Night Eating ..... Affects of late-night munching on your sleep and waistline.
Don't Cut Out the Comfort Foods -- Control Them ..... Modify your favorites to make them healthier.

Power Up Your Diet for Strong Bones ..... Calcium guidelines.
Loading Up on Legumes Cuts Heart Disease Risk ..... Beans, peas and other legumes can lower risk of heart disease.

Keeping Fit
Post-Workout Pain? ..... Best treatments for workout pain.
Combine Eating & Exercise for Best Results ..... Consider how eating affects your exercise abilities.
Take the Plunge for Workout Success ..... Consider a water workout for your fitness regimen.

Judging Fitness Books ..... Before buying a fitness book, ask yourself these questions.

Spending Smart
Smart Shopping for Online Medicines ..... Reduce risks of online medicine buying.
Myths About Finances, Credit & Debt ..... Dispelling some financial myths.