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August Article Preview
Keeping Fit
TV Credentials ..... Make sure any TV exercise program you watch has qualified teachers.
An Exercise with Big Benefits that Most Anyone Can Do ..... Gaining fitness with tai chi. Easy Way to Count Laps ..... Keep track of your distance with a lap counter.
A Variation in Your Walk ..... If walking has become boring, try these tips for a welcome change of pace.

Safety First
Ban the Blowout ..... Tips for preventing a tire blowout.
Preventing and Reacting to Accidental Poisoning ..... Being prepared to deal with a poisoning emergency.
Performing Better
Ergonomics to the Rescue ..... Ergonomic helps for non-computer situations.
Impatient in Line ..... Help your customers understand why there's a wait.
Conversation Starters .....Topics to help any tongue-tied person gain an entree into group conversation.
Computer Versus Customer.....Make personal service a stand out above technology.

Eating Right
Eat Your Words ..... Test your crossword puzzle skills.
Dry Them Well ..... Wet dishes can allow bacteria to grow.
Clearing the Confusion About Protein in Your Diet ..... Pitfalls of the high-protein diet.
Alcohol Theory Evaporates ..... Test your crossword puzzle skills.

Spending Smart
Back Belt Basics ..... Do back belts prevent lifting injuries?
Is Disability Part of Your Insurance Portfolio? ..... Choose the best disability policy for you.
Be Sure to Appeal ..... Steps to take if an insurance claim is denied.
Prepared for Ouch! ..... Bandage basics.

Staying Well
War on the Warts ..... Types of warts and causes.
Sun Protection ..... Sun protection in your daily routine..
Hearing and Vision Screening for Children ..... Make sure your children receive age-appropriate vision and hearing assessments.
Head Lice ..... Dealing with this common problem.