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December Article Preview

Calming Down
Life's Little Holiday Stresses ..... Learn to be more stress-resistant.
Peace on Earth ..... Where better to practice good will to others than at work.
Surviving a Sad, Sad Season ..... Surviving holidays after the death of a loved one.
of Friendship ..... ABC's of being a good friend.
It's Holiday Party Time: Do You Know Where Your Teenagers Are? ..... Tips for keeping in touch with your teens.

Setting Limits
When You Host a Party: Sober Is Safer ..... Provide an atmosphere at your next holiday gathering where guests feel comfortable not drinking.
O, Come All Ye Thirsty ..... Some non-alcoholic cocktail recipes.

Saying No
Hope for the Future: Drug Addiction Treatment ..... Selecting an effective drug treatment program.
Cocaine Magic? .....Facts about this addictive drug.

Keeping Fit
Implementing a Successful Personal Fitness Program .....How to get started in a fitness program you'll stick with.
No Excuses ..... Combating the excuses you have for not exercising.

Staying Well
Are You Drowsy When you Shouldn't Be? ..... Information about problem sleepiness.
Treating Baby Cradle Cap ..... What to do if your infant gets cradle cap.
Help for Coughs and Colds ..... Treatments for cold viruses.

Eating Right
Holiday Survival -- No Added Weight ..... Strategy for not gaining weight over the holidays.
Those Nuts: Naughty or Nice? ..... Fat and calories of popular nuts.
Snowing? It's Ice Cream Time! ..... For a winter fun-time activity, try making snow ice cream.

Performing Better
Let There Be Light ..... Your difficulty seeing may be caused by low lighting.
A Comfortable Place to Study ..... Setting up a home work or study location.
Add a Little Slack Time ..... Learn to set aside little bits of time to relax and recharge.