December Article Preview

Safety First
Hot Tub Safety ..... Significant health and safety concerns of hot tubs.
Handling the Perils of Pine ..... For many, the smell of pine triggers wheezing, coughing and headaches.
Keeping the Yuletide Safe ..... Remember these simple steps for a safe holiday

Performing Better
Time for an Attitude Adjustment? ..... Your attitude can be a major influence on how your career is conducted and perceived by others.
Can't Say No? Try It Again ..... Learning to say no is one of the best ways to defuse anger and reclaim your valuable time.
Autoimmune Problems for Teachers ..... Schoolteachers may be more at risk for immune-system disorders.

Calming Down
Sick of Being Tired? ..... Fatigue may be commonplace, but it's not normal. To help reclaim your energy, try these tips.
Men Get the Blues Too ..... One in 10 men will experience depression during their lifetime, and they're much less likely than women to seek help.
Good Coping, Bad Coping ..... Hidden word puzzle with message.

Staying Well
The Frustrating Common Cold ..... Learn more about this persistent strain of viruses.
Some Homespun Cures for What Ails You ..... For life's minor aches and pains, even MDs endorse some of great-grandma's old folk remedies.
Giving the Gift of Life ..... About 80,000 people across the U.S. are waiting for a donated organ at any given moment. Learn more about this life-saving gift.
Keeping Fitl
Need an Exercise Buddy? Consider Your Pet ..... Overweight animals risk health problems including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more.
Stress-Busting Back Exercises ..... Four exercises to help keep your back aligned and release muscle tension
Warning Signs of Exercise-Induced Asthma ..... Learn more about EIA.

Spending Smart
Insurance 'Alphabet Soup' ..... Note this basic information on HMOs, PPOs and traditional insurance plans.
Attention to Finances Critical After Loss of Loved One ..... Handling financial details can be extremely difficult in the wake of losing a spouse.
Meet in the Middle to Achieve Financial Goals ..... To establish some common financial goals as a couple, start by articulating your goals as individuals.

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