February Article Preview

Performing Better
Unclutter Your 'At Home' In-Box..... Seps to unclutter your home.
Winning Strategies Exist, Even in a Recession Time ..... This may actually be a good time to take risks and propose changes.
Computer Posture Basics ..... ... to prevent chronic aches and pains.
All About Exercise ..... Fitness crossword puzzle.

Calming Down
The Best Relationships Have Intimacy on Multiple Levels ..... Healthy relationships require maintenance and intimacy on many levels.
The Truth About the Mind-Body Connection ..... Psychological element of sickness.
Recharge Your Batteries with 'Home Alone' Time ..... Spouses can provide each other with some much-needed "home alone" time.
Charm Your Children with Music ..... Spark your child's interest in music.

Share These Important 'Life Lessons' with Your Children ..... Parents can set a good example by sharing these life lessons.

Staying Well
Take Steps to Defeat 'Walking' Pneumonia ..... Medical condition with lethal potential.
Special Devices Can Improve Eyesight for Many ..... Low-vision aids.
One Out of Five Has Syndrome X ..... Condition that substantially raises your risk of heart disease.
Stuffy Nose & Chronic Heartburn Often Linked ..... Sixty percent of people with chronic heartburn also have chronic nasal congestion.
Unlock the Secrets of the Spine ..... Quiz about back pain.
Double the Fiber-Diminish the Diabetes ..... Increase fiber to help ward off diabetes complications.
Placebo = Believing ..... What is the placebo effect?

Eating Right
Debunking Vitamin C 'Cold-Buster' Myth ..... Medical research doesn't back up the vitamin's reputation as a major cold-buster.
Let the Chips & Fat Fall ..... How to shop for lower fat chips.
Use Yogurt to Beat Side Effects ..... Yogurt can help prevent diarrhea and stomach upset that frequently occur while taking antibiotics.
Fast Fact ..... Peanut butter fast fact.
Prone to Stones? Change Your Diet ..... Dietary advice to lower risk of kidney stones.

Spending Smart
Practitioner Check-Up ..... Check your healthcare providers' credentials.
Health Insurance Is Going to the Dogs (and Cats) ..... Learn about pet health insurance.
Advice about Alternative Treatment Coverage..... Advice to get alternative therapies covered by insurance.

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