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January Article Preview

Eating Right
Healthy Snacks ..... Low-cal snack foods to keep on hand.
Make 2000 Diet-Free ..... Learn to eat so that you never "diet" again.
Finding Your Fat Limit ..... Simple calculation to determine 30% or 20% fat intake. Performing Better
When You Must Wait ..... Make good use of your time when you must wait for an appointment.
Away with Those Casual Visitors ..... Prevent unexpected drop-ins from wasting your time.

Keeping Fit
How to Shrug Off Shoulder Pain ..... Tendinitis explained and exercises to strengthen shoulder muscles.
Making Tracks in the Snow ..... Consider snow- shoeing this winter.

Staying Well
Healthy Travel Tips ..... If you have a medical condition, plan ahead before your next trip.
A Class on Ulcers ..... Learn more about peptic ulcers and the bacterium that causes them.
Clean Hands Prevent Illness ..... Proper hand washing will prevent spreading bacteria and disease.
Celebrate 2000 ..... Stay grounded in the present, yet looking toward a bright future.
Touchdown .... Improve your chances of reaching your goals.
Safety First

Lost and Found .....Help authorities identify and return your lost child with this easy precaution.
Lessons in Antilock Braking ..... Learn to use your antilock brakes correctly.
Automatic Safety -- First Every Time ..... Safety actions that should become automatic.

Calming Down
Coping After a Traffic Accident ..... Symptoms of post-traumatic stress after a car accident.
When it's Time to Shift Gears ..... Learn how to shift emotional gears quickly to maintain an even keel when a situation heats up.

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