January Article Preview

Safety First
How Safe Is Your SUV - Really? ..... A high center of gravity can cause SUVs to roll over in about 30 percent of crashes.
Help Your Kids Practice Safe Soccer ..... Make sure these soccer safety precautions are met.
Make Fireplace Safety a Yearly Priority ..... A thorough cleaning is recommended at least once a year.

Performing Better
Create a New You for the New Year ..... Strategies to take back control of your life with effective changes.
KISS Your Resolutions ..... KISS philosophy for effective resolutions.

Calming Down
Movies Can Be Useful as Escape and Therapy ..... Motion pictures can help you learn new ways of coping and achieve new levels of understanding.
Make Kids Feel at Home Post Divorce ..... Divorced parents need to make their children feel as comfortable in any new dwelling as they are at the old.
Are You Resilient? ..... Resiliency quiz.
Click Here to Do Some Good ..... Information clearinghouse with volunteer opportunities.

Staying Well
Some Self-Help for Migraine Sufferers ..... Tips to reduce the number and severity of migraines.
Get Moving - Even If You're Airborne ..... Sitting still for long hours can cause circulatory problems.
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly About Steroids ..... Differences between good and bad steroids.
Fast Fact ..... Information tidbit.
Do You Know Your Lucky (Health) Numbers? ..... Health numbers quiz.
Double the Fiber-Diminish the Diabetes ..... Increase fiber to help ward off diabetes complications.
Stuffy Nose & Chronic Heartburn Often Linked ..... 60 percent of people with chronic heartburn also have chronic nasal congestion.

Spending Smart
Want to Save Money? Here Are 66 Ways ..... Consumer Web site with helpful tips.
Try a Retirement Trial Run ..... Make sure your finances are in order and your retirement dreams fit your income and lifestyle.
Beware of Phony Scholarship Scams..... College scholarship scams.
Family Cell-Phone Plans ..... They may not be the best idea.
Non-Profit Board Members Need Insurance, Too.... Let your personal insurer know if you hold any non-paying or non-profit board positions. Here's why.

Setting Limits
Moms-to-Be Should Avoid the Alcohol ..... No amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy.
Take These Steps to Reduce Your Alcohol Intake ..... Strategies for cutting back on drinking.
Alcohol's Strange Role in Medical History ..... Alcohol's various roles.

Eating Right
Calcium Alone Isn't Enough. Don't Overlook the Magnesium ..... Extra calcium flushes magnesium out of your body.
So You've Lost the Weight-- Here's How to Keep It Off ..... The key to keeping weight off is to avoid excess fat and calories in your daily diet.
Lower Heart Disease with More H20 ..... Drinking more water can lower your risk of a heart attack,

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