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July Article Preview

Staying Well
Terms Defined ..... Learn the difference between acute and chronic conditions.

Making Sense of Your Eyeglasses Prescription ..... How to read an eyeglasses prescription.
Pap Protection for Women ..... Learn more about this women's early detection test.
Electro-physiology ..... Learn more about this high-tech treatment for heart arrhythmias.

Safety First
Emergency E-Mail ..... Emergency e-mail network.
Beware of This Fire Danger ..... This home appliance causes more home fires than any other.
Don't Tip that Vehicle ..... Safer SUV driving tips.
Remember the Plug Ins ..... Don't forget to cover outdoor outlets.

Performing Better
Inoculated Against Computer Viruses ..... Keep your computer safe from viruses.
Reasonable Time Estimates ..... Include extra time for the unexpected when scheduling time for a project.
Okay to Delay ..... When procrastination might be a good thing.

Show Them the Door ..... Dealing with unwanted interruptions.

Keeping Fit
1, 2, Stretch and Reach ..... Stretches to help keep you flexible.
Tread Safely on Walking Workouts ..... Safety tips for treadmills.

Calming Down
Do Unto Others .....Being prepared to help others.
What Your Supervisor Wishes You Knew ..... Put yourself in your supervisor's shoes.
Vacation Precautions ..... Take steps to prevent vacation robberies.