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May Article Preview

Keeping Fit
Make Exercise Appealing To Young ‘Chair Potatoes’ ..... Adding activity in your kids' lives.

Jump into Fitness ..... Smart jump ropes that keep track of your workout.
Want to Live Forever? Get Moving! ..... Being active is important key to long life.
Sculpting Shapely Arms ..... Exercises for toning your arms.
Get Behind the Weight Ball ..... Try an fitness ball for a new workout.
Born to Run? ..... Jogging's generally not a good idea for people with orthopedic or heart problems, or who are more than 20 percent overweight.
Will Rogers Quote .....
Staying Well

Bad-Mouthing — America Earns A ‘C’ on Oral Health Report ..... America's oral health needs improvement.
The Goods on Gingivitis ..... Oral hygiene tips to prevent gingivitis.
Nature Lovers — Be Aware of Lyme Disease Risks ..... Learn more about Lyme disease and how to prevent it.

Tick Removal Tips ..... How to remove a tick.
The Eyes Have It — CVS, that Is ..... Computer Vision Syndrome --related to computer overuse.
Quick Fact ..... Another health problem of too little sleep.
HEADACHE? You May Need A Glass of Water ..... Headache may be sign of dehydration.
Fix Those Ragged Cuticles ..... Home remedy for helping cuticles and nails.

Performing Better
Memory Tricks ..... Tips for a sharper memory.

Music Help Stave Off Signs of Aging ..... Learning to play a musical instrument can help ward off the mental decline of aging.
Stressed? Make a List ..... Crossing off some items can give motivation for the big tasks.
Rematch & Rethink Your Work Skills ..... Evaluate your skills for future job opportunities.

Safety First
New ID Theft Tools ..... FTC's new form for reporting ID theft.
Go Digital ..... Dangers of mercury thermometers.

Eating Right
Fact: Fiber is Your Friend ..... Still a good defense against some diseases.
Nutrition Advice for Seniors ..... A nutritious, balanced eating pattern is one of the keys to achieving a healthy, active old age.