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June Article Preview

Staying Well
Pool Precautions ..... If you're worried about picking up infection or diseases in the swimming pool, read this.
On Your Feet All Day ..... How to take good care of your feet.
Lung Filter ..... Reminder when to use protective masks.
Leukemia Treatments ..... Types of leukemia, signs and symptoms and treatment options.

Eating Right
A Lentil Change of Pace .....How to cook lentils -- an excellent source of fiber and many nutrients.
Grocery Store Layout for Healthy Eating ..... By-pass the empty-calorie aisles and go right to the nutritious ones.

Cool Treats for the Summer Heat ..... Try these homemade fruit slushes to cool you off.
Beef Safety ..... Make sure your buger isn't pink inside.
The Salt of the Earth ..... A rundown of a few of the many kinds of salt.

For Men Only
How Will You Cope with Baldness ..... Remedies for baldness.
Up in the Night ..... Learning about nocturia.

Keeping Fit
Let Your Interests Spur Activity ..... If you'd like to become more active but need an activity to motivate you, let your natural interests spur you.
Overcome the Setbacks ..... Be aware and prepared for these potential setbacks to your exercise program.
Testing for Strength and Endurance ..... Try these tests to see how fit you are.

Calming Down
Keep Those Brain Cells Busy .....Helpful tips for keeping mentally sharp.
Music Sets the Mood ..... Music can motivate, relax, soothe and uplift.