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March Article Preview

Saying No
A Parents' Guide to Preventing Inhalant Abuse ..... Q&A about inhalants.

The Truth About Ecstasy ..... Learn more about this dangerous drug.

Eating Right
Hereís the Scoop on Food Allergies ..... Common questions about food allergies answered.
Some Food Allergies Hard to Chew On ..... Online information about treatments and support networks for food allergies.

No Smoking
Kick the Habit with Computer Help ..... Computer follow-up for people in stop-smoking programs helped them quit.
Teen Tobacco Stats ..... Stats on teen tobacco use.

Heart & Gum Disease ..... Reversal of earlier study connecting gum disease and heart disease.

Performing Better
Are You Being Bullied at Work? ..... Workplace bullying and what can be done.
Out of a Job? Don't Let It Threaten the Ties that Bind ..... Keeping your marriage intact while one is unemployed.

Safety First
Need Some Safety Advice? ..... Web sites with information about keeping your home safe for seniors, children, pets and yourself.
Car Crashes & Cell Phones: The Connection ..... Drivers who use cell phones are more likely to have accidents than non-cell phone drivers.
Smoke Detectors Arenít Enough ..... Make sure you protect your family from carbon monoxide.

Elder-Adapting Your Home ..... Make simple changes in your home to keep seniors safe.
Include Safety Checklist in Spring Cleaning ..... Checklist for home safety.
Warning: Your Cell Phone May Not Be Good for Your Heart ..... Steps to take to prevent cell phone interference with pacemakers.

Staying Well
therapy .....
What is it and can it really heal?
Using Foundation as a Sunscreen ..... Foundation with sunscreen doesn't offer full coverage for more than a short time.
Instant Uplift ..... Simple face lift solution.
A Quick Remedy for Insect Bites
Common kitchen ingredient for taking the bite out of stings.
Age Before Beauty, Why Not Both?
American's attitudes toward cosmetic surgery.
Plastic Surgery, It's Not Just for Women Anymore
Men's attitudes and actions when it comes to plastic surgery.