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November Article Preview

Calming Down
Relaxation Techniques ..... Try these to help you relax during the hectic holiday season.
Calming that Fussy Baby ..... Tips for quieting a fussy baby when traveling.
A Study in Gratitude ..... Who are you most thankful for in your life?
It's Time to Say Thanks ..... Don't assume those you're thankful for know. Make sure you tell them.
Are You Overly Stressed? ..... Sixteen signs that you may be overly stressed.
Chance of a Lifetime? Don't Bet on It ..... Signs of gambling addiction.
Advice from Christmas Shopping Pros ..... Christmas shopping strategies.

Keeping Fit
Saddle Up ..... Preparing for horseback riding.
Kid Stuff for Fun and Fitness ..... Consider playing some "kid games" for fitness activities.
Time Out from Your Exercise ..... Conditions that warrant a break from exercise.

Safety First
Protection in Your Shop ..... Stay safe in your workshop.
Preventing an Emergency When Children Vist Your Home ..... Reduce potential dangers in your home.

Staying Well
Hepatitis C -- a Disease of the Liver ..... Learn more about hepatitis C.
Kicking Those Restless Legs ..... Dealing with restless leg syndrome.
Considering an Alternative Treatment? ..... Do your homework before trying an alternative treatment.

Spending Smart
Buying Prescriptions On Line ..... If you buy prescriptions on line, make sure you do so safely.
Why You Need a Family Doctor ..... Choose a family doctor in advance of when you might need one.

Eating Right
Hooked on Sugar? ..... Can you really be addicted to sugar?
Facts About Food Cravings ..... Are food cravings during pregnancy a sign of nutritonal deficiency?
A Thanksgiving Feast Makeover
Lower fat cooking and eating for Thanksgiving.
What "Reduced" Means on the Label ..... Definitions of reduced calorie, fat and sugar.