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Performing Better
What Bothers Your Boss About You? ..... CEOs' top 10 pet peeves regarding employee behavior.
Some Fast Facts About Jet Lag ..... Symptoms of and strategies to help prevent jet lag.

Calming Down
Try These Stress-Savers to Avoid Holiday Season Burnout ..... To keep yourself free of holiday burnout, but still motivated to get things done, check out theses "sanity-savers."
Banish Your Tension with Self-Massage ..... Learn these three quick self-massages for your neck and head.
Need Outside Help? ..... A variety of organizations offering mental health help.
Fear Factor A-B-Cs ..... Common phobias.

Eating Right
Avoid Holiday Weight Gain; Learn These Triggers ..... Some foods can actually trigger weight gain and episodes of overeating.
Tomato Factor' Aids Against Blood Clots ..... The yellow jelly surrounding tomato seeds contains a substance that helps prevent blood clots from forming.
Keep Arteries Clear With B-Vitamins ..... High doses of three B-vitamins have been found to reduce the rate of restenosis (re-clogging) of blocked arteries in angioplasty patients.
'Oxygenated' Water a High-Priced Rip-Off? ..... Does oxygenated water have any benefit?
Broccoli Aids Battle Against Ulcers, Cancer ..... Study about broccoli's cancer-fight attributes.
Altered Brain Chemistry Behind Many Food Cravings, Binge Eating ..... Some of the information nutritionists now have about food cravings, bingeing and other eating-related issues.

Staying Well
Breakthroughs Giving Hope to MS Patients ..... Learn more about multiple sclerosis diagnosis and drug treatment.
Say Farewell to the Psoriasis Heartbreak ..... Psoriasis is a common skin disorder that affects about three million Caucasians in the U.S.
Bloodlines ..... Unscramble the words and discover a special message.
Harrison Ford quote .....

Setting Limits
Aging Can Mask Signs of a Serious Alcohol Problem in Seniors ..... Alcohol abuse is becoming more common among seniors as the population continues to age.
Holiday Cooking Alcohol Alternatives ..... Recipe substitutions for alcohol ingredients.

Keeping Fitl
10 Good Reasons to Start Walking ..... Taking regular walks is one of the best ways to improve your health safely and effectively, no matter what your age or fitness level.
Minimize Your Contact with Gym Germs ..... Tips to minimize germs at the gym during your workout.
Forget 'Dumb Jocks,' Exercise Actually Improves Your Brain ..... Scientists speculate that the growth of new brain cells stemming from a three-times weekly aerobic workout could have benefits such as improved short-term memory, recall and response time.

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