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Staying Well
Sauna Dude
Sauna Dehydration ..... Take care when using a sauna -- particularly if you have high blood pressure.
Antacid Danger ..... Antacids may mask more serious problems.
Somnoplasty -- A Promise for Quieter Nights ..... zzzzzzzzzzzsMaybe your or your spouse's snoring can be stopped with somnoplasty.

Keeping Fit
Time to Try an Elliptical Trainer ..... Try an elliptical trainer during your next workout at the gym.
Beating Bursitis ..... Learn about this painful condition of the joints.
Exercise: A Shield Against Stroke ..... Regular brisk exercise can cut risk for stroke by as much as half.

Eating Right
Terrific Turkey Without Any Ruffled Feathers ..... Tips for buying,
thawing and roasting the holiday bird.
Healthy Eating with No Excuses ..... Recognize lame excuses for overeating through the holidays.
Spice Storage ..... Keep your spices good longer with proper storage and handling.
When to Take Your Vitamin .....pill The best time to take your multivitamin.

No Smoking
Say "I Quit" ..... Tips for successfully joining "The Great American Smokeout."
Calming Down
Take a Breather ..... Deep breathing can help relax you in stressful times.

Help When You Need It ..... Who to see when problems like grief, loss of a job and difficulties in relationships become overwhelming.
Safety First
Keeping Your Children Safe ..... Key precautions for keeping your children safe from kidnappers and sexual preditors.

Performing Better
Getting Along with Your Boss ..... If your attitude toward your boss could use some adjustment, read on.
Your Computer Under Attack Worse than a virus, here's what's really your computer's biggest enemy.

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