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October Article Preview

Calming Down
Easy on the Gas ..... Improve your bottom line with these gas-saving tips.
When Someone You Know Stutters ..... Strategies for being respectful and encouraging to someone who stutters.

Staying Well
HealthStyle Inquirer..... Is your Internet information accurate?
Scaling the Heights ..... Preventing and treating high altitude sickness.
Persistent Cough ..... When to see your doctor about your cough.
Recovering Quicker After Surgery ..... Steps to a quicker recovery.
Latex Allergy ..... Symptoms and information about latex allergy.
Sugarless Cleaning ..... Sugarless gum can help prevent tooth decay.
Insurance Against the Flu ..... Flu shot reminder.

Safety First
The #1 Cause of Accidents ..... Reduce your risk of accident causing behavior.
Trick-or-Treat Precautions ..... Keeping your kids safe on Halloween.
Be a Fire Chief at Home ..... Learn more about home fire extinguishers.
Driving Sick ..... Illness and medicines can dull your response time.
Going Places on Your Bike ..... The three situations that cause most bike injuries.
Putting Out a Fire ..... How to use an extinguisher on a fire.

Eating Right
Eating on Autopilot ..... Learn about binge eating disorder.
Learn a Healthy Diet ..... Handy Web site to give you an overall picture of your eating habits.
Cancer Menu ..... Five diet guidelines to help reduce your risk for cancer.
Food Labels that Read Like Greek ..... Learn about food additives that help preserve foods, enhance food appearance and taste and add nutritional value.
Recipe School ..... List of healthier ingredients to substitute in recipes.