October Article Preview

Staying Well
Does Your Bra Really Cause Breast Cancer? ..... Dispelling some of the myths currently floating around about supposed "causes" of breast cancer.
Breast Cancer -- Men Get It Too ..... Breast cancer isn't just a disease of women.
The Gift of Health Can Be the Best Present of All
Many health-related gifts can be practical and still offer a personal touch.
Keep the Cats AND the Carpet ..... You may be able to keep the kitty and the carpet if some care is taken when choosing the latter.
Quick Fixes for Hurting Hands ..... Home remedies for hand ailments.
Hidden Word and Message Puzzle ..... Test your puzzle skills.
Why Do Teeth Change Colors ..... Causes of darkened or stained teeth.

True TMJ Not as Common as You Might Think ..... Learn more about TMJ.
Bleaching Not Just for Hair Anymore ..... Teeth bleaching info.

Spending Smart
Tip-Offs to Avoid Rip-Offs ..... Avoiding bogus health products.
7 Consumer Credit Laws You Need to Know ..... Whether you have credit problems or not, here are some federal credit laws that are important.

Saying No
Drug Dealers on the Net--Keep Your Kids Safe ..... How to minimize the dangers and temptations of the Internet and drugs.
OxyContin--Newest Designer Drug ..... Pain killer that's being abused.
Heroin Claiming New Users ..... Facts about heroin use.
Performing Better
Computer Addiction: a Growing Phenomenon ..... Symptoms of computer addiction.
Make Meetings More Effective ..... Keeping meetings on track.

Safety First
Drain Cleaners' Hidden Hazards ..... Drain cleaners are among the most dangerous products you can buy.
Reduce the Risk of Wildfires ..... Keep your home and property safer from wildfires with these tips.
Halloween Advice for Allergy-Prone Trick-or-Treaters ..... Beware of potential allergic reactions to treats.

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