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September Article Preview

Calming Down
You've Got Support -- On Line ..... Finding a support group on line that's right for you.
Keeping Track ..... Improve some habits by keeping a log.
Relief for Tired Care Givers ..... Take care of your own health if you're involved in a caregiver situation.
Satisfaction Guaranteed ..... For cyclists, it's still the best protection.

Performing Better
Reducing Your Postage Cost..... Tips for efficient mailing.

Eating Right
PC Help in the Kitchen (Pressure Cooker, That Is) ..... Try a pressure cooker for speedy meals.
Avoiding the Call of the Cookies ..... Avoiding tempting snack food when you shop.

Keeping Fit
Be Fit When You Tee Off ..... Exercises for injury-free golf.
Lifting Yourself After Heart Disease
Weight lifting for heart patients.
Cheers! Have a Sports Drink ..... Make your own homemade sports drink.

Staying Well
Snooze Alarm ..... Tips for better shut-eye.
Healthy Choices for Now and Later ..... Choose health in everyday and long-term decisions.
Sympton Alert ..... These symptoms may indicate a serious condition.
In Case You Can't Speak for Yourself ..... Learn About Living Wills and Medical Power of Attorney.
Lactose Reminder ..... Some medications contain lactose.
Help for the Embarrassment ..... Some non-drug approaches for correcting urinary leakage.

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