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September Article Preview

Keeping Fit
Out for a Fling with Frisbees ..... Try Frisbee games for some exercise.
Breathe In, Breathe Out ..... Learning to breathe properly can help improve your physical performance. Flowing with the Go ..... Read about being in the flow -- in sync with the activity you're performing.

Eating Right
Helping Teens Avoid Eating Disorders ..... Learn more about teens and eating disorders.
Calming Down
Bouncing Back from a Slump ..... How to gain back your confidence lost in a slump.
Are Yu Really Helping ..... Make sure your efforts to help a sick or dying loved ones are what's best for them.

Performing Better
The Stack Just Keeps Growing ..... Toss that reading material cluttering your work place.
Being a Successful Coach ..... If you lead any type of team -- at work or otherwise -- here are some tips for coaching them.
No Mountains from Molehills ..... Using the "ALP" acronym for overcoming mistakes.
Project Priority ..... Keep your current project the priority on your desk.
Where Is It? ..... Save time by putting things back in their place after using them.
Be a Top Performer..... Improve your effectiveness.

Safety First
Staying Safe When You're Out ..... Learning to be street smart to prevent muggings.

Getting a Fair Hearing ..... Tips for hearing-impaired drivers during traffic stops.
Leave Plenty of Room to Stop ..... Distances it takes to stop for typical mid-size car on wet and dry pavement.
Staying Well
Eye Monitor ..... Prevent eyestrain while at your computer.
A Profile of Health ..... A profile of a healthy adult to inspire you.
Keep Your Kids Washing and Well ..... Help prevent commonly spread children's diseases by teaching your kids good hand washing skills.
The End of Menstruation ..... Learn more about perimenopause -- the phase before menopause.
Let Your Pharmacist Know ..... Make sure your pharmacist is aware of all your medications.
A Tip for Cleaner Teeth ..... A simple idea for cleaner teeth when you can't brush.
What You Should Know about Hernias ..... Learn more about hernias -- prevention and treatment.
A Case for a Clean Case ..... How to keep your contact lenses case clean.