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September Article Preview

Eating Right
Avoiding Diet Pitfalls at Work ..... Tips to keep healthy eating habits -- even at work.

The Scoop on Soup ..... Choosing the healthiest soups.
Freezing Food Doesn't Eliminate Bacteria ..... It's a myth that freezing food can kill all the harmful bacteria.
Soy -- It's for Everyone ..... Adding soy to your diet.

Soy Recipes ..... Soy Fettuccine Alfredo, Stir Fry Stroganoff and more.

Staying Well
Teeth Hurt? Change Your Toothpaste ..... Your toothpaste could be the cause of teeth pain.
Living with the 'Silent Killer' ..... Getting a handle on high blood pressure.
Pain's Effect on Emotions
Steps to take to combat the emotional distress of chronic pain.
Asthma and Estrogen Therapy ..... Menopausal women on ERT may have an up to 80% higher risk of developing asthma than women not taking hormones.
A Back-to-School Safety Checklist ..... Routine precautions parents can take to make sure their child's educational experience is as safe as possible.

Safety First
Calming the Waves ..... Two natural ways to combat motion sickness.

  Update Your Airline Check-In Routine ..... Tips from the FFA to make your airline check-in smoother.
Using Wireless 911 ..... Calling 911 from your wireless phone isn't the same as using one plugged into your local telephone company

Keeping Fit
Avoid 'Weekend Warrior' Injuries ..... Injury prevention tips.
Just the (Fitness) Facts, Ma'am ..... Stats on Americans and exercise.
Exercise Is Good Medicine ..... Word jumble with fitness message.

Performing Better
Negotiating in a New World
Suggestions for dealing with some current workplace issues.